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Top 8 Adventures in the Canadian Rockies

By November 17, 2017Travel Lists

Picking your next travel destination is never an easy task when there’s an infinite amount of places that are worth checking off your list. However, this time around, the choice was clear. Having seen hundreds of photos and hearing dozens upon dozens of stories from adventurers like myself, The Canadian Rockies was at the top of my travel bucket list.┬áThese world-class mountains have just about everything a photographer or traveler could be looking for. Not only are some of the most beautiful attractions easily accessible, but it also offers some equally incredible lesser-known views that you have to work for.

It’s always been a dream of mine to road trip through Alberta to experience the Canadian Rockies for myself. What drew me to the Rockies were the incredibly varied mountain peaks and ranges, glacier fed lakes with colors more brilliant than any I had ever seen, countless overflowing waterfalls, and picturesque views around every corner.┬áMany places struggle to live up to the idyllic scenes captured by skilled photographers, but this place left me with my jaw on the floor around every corner with the unmatchable beauty of its landscapes that absolutely blew my expectations out of the water. Here are my top 8 adventures in the Canadian Rockies you don’t want to miss!

1. Bow Lake

2. Peyto Lake

3. Johnston Canyon

4. Lake O'Hara

5. Two Jack Lake

6. Moraine Lake

7. Sunwapta Falls

8. Lake Louise

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